Fundamentals of BimlFlex – Live, 1-Day Training


Learn BimlFlex from three experienced BimlHeroes in this live, 1-day course!

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Do you need to generate dozens or hundreds of similar SSIS packages?
Do you need to regenerate a lot of packages when some piece of the upstream data format changes?
While these scenarios are common for ETL developers, there are not many good tools to address them.

BimlFlex, a Biml Framework from Varigence, can help.
In this day-long course BimlHeroes Shannon Lowder, Reeves Smith, and Andy Leonard introduce BimlFlex.

For ETL developers, BimlFlex – which is based on Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language) – is a game changer. From the Varigence website: “BimlFlex is a collection of templates, metadata definitions, and tooling that enables you to build an end-to-end data solution without ever writing a single line of code.”

Shannon, Reeves, and Andy present from experience implementing enterprise data solutions – including Star Schema, Data Vault, and Operation Data Store – using BimlFlex. This is not a course on theory, these BimlHeroes share from the trenches.

This is a live online class. The class is hosted at GoToWebinar and is live. Your hosts – Shannon, Reeves, and Andy – will be on webcam. We will take a 90-minute lunch break. Audio is available via your computer audio or dialing into a US phone number. We recommend using a headset.