Mastering the SSIS Catalog


Join Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author, speaker, and blogger Andy Leonard for the next delivery and master the SSIS Catalog in this live, full-day training course!


The SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Catalog is an SSIS Framework built into SSIS and administered using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
In this half-day course, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and author Andy Leonard walks you through creating, configuring, and executing SSIS using the SSIS Catalog

About Mastering the SSIS Catalog

Data integration is the foundation of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and enterprise data warehousing. This instructor-led training class is specifically designed for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) professionals and DBAs responsible for deploying, configuring, and managing data integration at enterprise-scale who want to learn more about the SSIS Catalog.

You will learn:
– Creating an SSIS Catalog
– Deploying SSIS projects to the SSIS Catalog
– SSIS Catalog Execution options
– Configuring connection strings and parameter values.


1. Introducing the SSIS Catalog
2. Deploying SSIS projects.
3. SSIS execution options.
4. Configuring parameters and connection managers.

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About Andy

Andy Leonard is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Data Philosopher and BimlHero from Farmville, Virginia specializing in data integration with SSIS, SSIS performance tuning, and automation. He is very passionate about technology but has interests in literature, mathematics, farming, and engineering.

This is a live online class. The class is hosted at GoToWebinar, live with Andy Leonard on webcam. We will take 15-minute breaks each hour and a 90-minute lunch break. Audio is available via your computer audio or dialing into a US phone number – we recommend using a headset.