SSIS Admin – Live, 2-Day Training – 2020 Q3

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Join Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author, speaker, and blogger Andy Leonard 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM ET 02-03 June 2020 (2 days) to learn SSIS Administration in this live, online, hands-on 2-day course!


About SSIS Administration

This 100-200-300-level, 2-day, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Administration training class is, roughly, the last two days of the From Zero to SSIS course. The other two days of From Zero to SSIS are available in the SSIS Data Flows course. Note: SSIS Data Flows is a prerequisite for SSIS Administration.

This course is engineered to train technology professionals and support personnel to configure, manage, execute, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain enterprise data engineering with SSIS. Developed by author, international speaker, and experienced enterprise data architect Andy Leonard, the training includes trenchant labs and emphasizes a hands-on approach.

At the conclusion of the training, attendees will have been exposed to:

  • SSIS Catalog
  • Deploying SSIS Solutions
  • Troubleshooting real-world SSIS errors
  • Managing, monitoring, and administering SSIS in the enterprise

Target audience: Database professionals, application developers, and business intelligence practitioners interested in acquiring or expanding their existing SSIS skill set.


Module 1: Introduction

In the introduction we share information about the instructor, course flow, and content, and gather information about attendee expectations for the course. Topics covered include:

  • Training overview
  • Expectations
  • Introductions

Module 2: Introduction to SSIS

We believe many learn SSIS best by doing, so we get attendee’s hands on SSIS as soon as possible. In this module, we demonstrate how to build an SSIS package and invite attendees to walk through building a basic SSIS package with us. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence (SSDT-BI), a version of Microsoft Visual Studio that serves as the SSIS integration development environment (IDE)
  • Visual Studio tips and tricks

Module 3: Introduction to the Data Flow Task

SSIS was designed to move data. The SSIS Data Flow Task is a complex data integration engine built to support generic data load use cases. In this module, we introduce SSIS Data Flow concepts. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the Data Flow Task
  • Connection Manager and Data Flow Task basics
  • Source and destination adapters

Module 4: The Control Flow

The SSIS Control Flow is the work flow manager for an SSIS package. In this module, we demonstrate work flow containment and management in the SSIS Control Flow, including advanced Precedence Constraint configuration and package execution control. Topics covered include:

  • Containers, precedence, and work flow
  • Transactions, restartability, and locking
  • Using For Loop and Foreach Loop Containers
  • Variables and Parameters

Module 5: Event Handlers, Logging, and Configurations

An important component of any solution is messaging and configuration. In this module, we demonstrate SSIS’s messaging model in the context of event handlers, logging, and managing externalized parameter and variable values. Topics covered include:

  • A survey of SSIS event handlers focusing on OnError and OnInformation events
  • Using SSIS’s built-in logging facility to capture package execution details and statistics
  • Using built-in package configurations to externalize variable values

Module 6: Security, Deployment, and Execution

SSIS facilitates secure connection and parameter value management. In this module, we build on our understanding of messaging, logging, and externalization by examining project, package, and connection security. We then turn our attention to deployment and execution patterns, and discuss the role of security in each. Topics covered include:

  • The SSIS Catalog
  • SSIS Package deployment options
  • Security implications
  • SSIS Package execution
  • Exercises: SSIS Catalog creation, configuration, and deployment

Module 7: Enterprise Execution Patterns, Frameworks, and Free Utilities

Data integration in a large enterprise is different from data integration in a smaller shop. In this module, we discuss patterns of SSIS development and management that lower the total cost of owning a data integration solution built using SSIS. Topics covered include:

  • Leveraging SSIS design patterns to build a metadata-driven SSIS execution framework engine
  • Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml)
  • Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) Suite utilities


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About Andy

Andy Leonard is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Author, Data Philosopher,  and BimlHero from Farmville Virginia specializing in data integration with Azure Data Factory (ADF), SSIS, SSIS performance tuning, and Biml automation. He is passionate about technology and is interested in literature, mathematics, farming, and engineering.

This is a live online class. The class is hosted at GoToWebinar, live with Andy Leonard on webcam, with a 60- to 75-minute lunch break. Audio is available via your computer audio or dialing into a US phone number – we recommend using a headset.