SSIS Data Flows – Live, 2-Day Training – 2020 Q3


Join Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author, speaker, and blogger Andy Leonard 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM ET 10-11 Aug 2020 (2 days) to learn SSIS Data Flows in this live, online, hands-on 2-day course!

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About SSIS Data Flows

This 100-200-300-level, 2-day, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Data Flows training class is, roughly, the first two days of the From Zero to SSIS course. The other two days of From Zero to SSIS are available in the SSIS Administration course.

This course is engineered to train technology professionals to use SSIS Data Flows to build data integration and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions. Developed by Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author, international speaker, and experienced enterprise data architect Andy Leonard, the training is built around labs and emphasizes a hands-on approach. Most technologists learn SSIS by doing so this training is designed to maximize the time attendees spend working with SSIS Data Flow Tasks.

At the conclusion of the training, attendees will have been exposed to:

  • Using SSIS to develop data integration solutions
  • Using SSIS to load a data warehouse dimension
  • Troubleshooting real-world SSIS Data Flow Task errors

Target audience: Database professionals, application developers, and business intelligence practitioners interested in acquiring or expanding their existing SSIS skill set.


Module 0: Introduction

In the introduction we share information about the instructor, course flow, and content, and gather information about attendee expectations for the course. Topics covered include:

  • Training overview
  • Expectations
  • Introductions

Module 1: Introduction to the Data Flow Task 101

We believe many learn SSIS best by doing, so we get attendee’s hands on SSIS as soon as possible. In this module, we demonstrate how to build an SSIS package and invite attendees to walk through building a basic SSIS package with us. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the Data Flow Task. Connection Manager and Data Flow Task basics – source and destination adapters.
  • Exercise: Create a Real Data Flow, Part 1

Module 2: Data Flow Task 201

SSIS was designed to move data. The SSIS Data Flow Task is a complex data integration engine built to support generic data load use cases. In this module, we introduce SSIS Data Flow concepts. Once the basics of Data Flow development are understood, we introduce a basic version of the SSIS design pattern called the incremental load. Building idempotent (safely re-executable) SSIS packages is one key to successful data integration in the enterprise. Topics covered include:

  • Intermediate Data Flow Concepts. Building re-executable data loaders.
  • Exercise: Create a Real Data Flow, Part 2

Module 3: Data Flow Task 202

Expanding on the basics of Data Flow development, we introduce a basic version of updating rows in the  incremental load SSIS design pattern. We then tune this pattern to improve update performance. Topics covered include:

  • Advanced Data Flow Concepts. Building and tuning a robust incremental loader.
  • Exercise: Create a Real Data Flow, Parts 3 and 4

Module 4: The Control Flow

The SSIS Control Flow orchestrates data integration work flow in an SSIS package. In this module, we demonstrate work flow containment and management in the SSIS Control Flow, including advanced Precedence Constraint configuration and package execution control. Topics covered include:

  • Containers, precedence, and work flow
  • Using For Loop and Foreach Loop Containers
  • Overriding variable values

Module 5: Data Flow Task Hands-On Labs

Have you ever attended training and returned to work, opened the environment for which you received training, and thought, “Now what?” That’s happened to me. This course is structured so that students experience that “Now what?” moment in class while the instructor is available, ready, and willing to help – after students have made an attempt to solve the problem themselves.

  • Exercises:
    • Build a Robust Incremental Staging Loader, Part 1
    • Build a Robust Incremental Staging Loader, Part 2
    • Build a Robust Incremental Staging Loader, Part 3
    • Build a Robust Incremental Cleansing Loader
    • Build a Robust Incremental Staging Loader, Part 4
    • Optional: Loading Variable-Length Rows

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About Andy

Andy Leonard is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Author, Data Philosopher,  and BimlHero from Farmville Virginia specializing in data integration with Azure Data Factory (ADF), SSIS, SSIS performance tuning, and Biml automation. He is passionate about technology and is interested in literature, mathematics, farming, and engineering.

This is a live online class. The class is hosted at GoToWebinar, live with Andy Leonard on webcam, with a 75-minute lunch break. Audio is available via your computer audio or dialing into a US phone number – we recommend using a headset.