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“Is Our Enterprise SSIS Performing Well?”

Enterprise Data & Analytics makes enterprise SSIS go fast. Learn more on our SSIS Health Check page.

“Where can my team learn more about Azure Data Factory? Biml? Power BI? SSIS?”

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Enterprise Data & Analytics delivers private and public SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), Azure Data Factory (ADF), and Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language) training. Learn more.

Lift and Shift SSIS to Azure-SSIS

Enterprise Data & Analytics specializes in lifting and shifting SSIS to the cloud.

“Can our enterprise practice DevOps with SSIS?”

Enterprise Data & Analytics has years of enterprise-class experience using SSIS. Learn more.

“Do you need a little help on an on-going basis?”

Introducing Data Concierge. Perhaps you want an experienced professional to monitor data-related activity in your enterprise. Maybe a second set of eyes would help. Perhaps your enterprise does not have enough data-related work to justify a full-time hire. We can help. Learn more.

“How can data science help our organization?”

Enterprise Data & Analytics groks data science. Learn more.

“Can we make SSIS run faster?”

Your SSIS can run faster. Enterprise Data & Analytics can help. Learn more.

“Will the Cloud help?”

Enterprise Data & Analytics understands how enterprises can leverage the cloud. Learn more.

Learn more about near-real-time integration.

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