More and more, data integration is participating in near-real-time signal processing. “What is near-real-time signal processing,” you ask?

Near-real-time signal processing is the ability to signal an endpoint from a data collection point. An example is shown in the image above, where sales information is being collected from several devices including web portals, point-of-sale systems, web micro-services, and IoT devices.

Devices raise events, which are integrated via near-real-time integration solutions to supply chain sources (manufacturing). Closing the loop on these messages supports faster responses to increases and decreases in demand, and tightening these loops is a signal processing problem.

How Can EDNA Help?

Enterprise Data & Analytics has experience integrating signal processing solutions between front-end systems and manufacturing. We grok MES’s (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and HMIs (Human-Machine Interface) software. We speak PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), even. We can help.