More and more, data integration is participating in near-real-time signal processing. “What is near-real-time signal processing,” you ask?

Near-real-time signal processing is the ability to signal an endpoint from a data collection point. An example is shown in the image above, where sales information is being collected from several devices including web portals, point-of-sale systems, web micro-services, and IoT devices.

Devices raise events, which are integrated via near-real-time integration solutions to supply chain sources (manufacturing). Closing the loop on these messages supports faster responses to increases and decreases in demand, and tightening these loops is a signal processing problem.

How Can EDNA Help?


Andy Leonard holds certificates in Data Vault Modeling, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI, Processing Big Data with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight, and Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight.

Enterprise Data & Analytics has experience integrating signal processing solutions between front-end systems and manufacturing. We grok MES’s (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and HMIs (Human-Machine Interface) software. We speak PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), even. We can help.