Lift and Shift Azure-SSIS

Enterprise Data & Analytics specializes in lifting and shifting SSIS to the cloud.

Introducing Azure-SSIS

In May 2018, Microsoft introduced Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime, also known as Azure-SSIS. Essentially an SSIS Catalog in the cloud, Azure-SSIS allows access to over 80 data sources and destinations. Allowing enterprises to simply migrate – instead of rebuild – existing data integration solutions is very helpful to large organizations.

From Here to There

The process of migrating any application from on-premises to the cloud is referred to as “lift and shift.” For some organizations, lifting and shifting SSIS to Azure-SSIS will pose no issues. For others, there are challenges:

  • If SSIS is executed from the file system on-premises, Azure-SSIS does not currently offer a complementary option. Azure-SSIS is an SSIS Catalog in the cloud.
  • One powerful feature of the SSIS Catalog is parameter and connection manager property management via Literal values, Catalog Environments, and Catalog Environment Variables. There is no native mechanism for scripting Literals, Environments, and Catalog Environment Variables – and References and Reference Mappings in an on-premises SSIS Catalog.

One Solution

Enterprise Data & Analytics specializes in lifting and shifting SSIS to the cloud.

Our state-of-the-art DILM Suite tools in the capable hands of our experienced data engineers combine to drastically reduce the amount of time to manually migrate and apply SSIS Catalog configuration artifacts –┬áLiterals,┬áCatalog Environments and Catalog Environment Variables, References, and Reference Mappings – while simultaneously improving the quality of the migration effort.



Manual migrations are subject to human error. Our tested, tried, and true utilities do not leave out configurations or make copy-and-paste errors.

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